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Welcome to the Homepage of NeoCASS Open Source Project!

What NeoCASS is?

NeoCASS (Next generation Conceptual Aero Structural Sizing) is a free suite of Matlab modules that combines state of the art computational, analytical and semi-empirical methods to tackle all the aspects of the aero-structural analysis of a design layout at conceptual design stage.

NeoCASS was initially developed by Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, during the FP6 EU funded project SimSAC, as part of the software package for Aircraft Conceptual Design called CEASIOM (  

NeoCASS is released under GNU's GPL 2.1.

What NeoCASS is not?

  • A fully automatic software for the complete design of aircraft.
  • A commercial tool.
  • A 24/7 supported software.




November 28, 2019 -  The updated version 2.2(.889) of NeoCASS is now available for downloading. If you are not registered please do that on the Downloads menu on the left. 

August 14, 2018 -  Two new Tutorials have been added. Please check the Documentation menu on the left.


We need your support to improve NeoCASS code. Please take a minute to fill in our survey on the Feedback menu on the left.